Born in 1993, I was raised in Los Angeles.  For a large part of my childhood, my brothers and I were raised by a single mother.  My mother shaped me into the person I am today.  Her tenacity and perseverance instilled a work ethic in me that is unparalleled.  I attended Loyola Marymount University where I studied both Graphic Design and Printmaking.  I was given awards in each field because of my passion for the message behind my pieces as well as my passion for the creative process.  I truly believe I have developed my own style, however, I pride myself on the ability to reflect the demands unique to any style and any project.  I can take direction and work within a team or be a leader and guide a team myself.  Either way, I will always work hard and get the job finished on time.  

Typography And Branding
Typography is one of the most important aspects to a product or brand and sets the tone for a project.  With that knowledge, I strive to produce pieces that best represent and help establish a brand's identity and voice, both philosophically and aesthetically.

Screen Printing And Apparel Development
Printmaking was my first love and apparel is one of my biggest passions.  After I learned to screen print, I was able to combine my love for design and clothing.  Apparel is a medium in which someone is able to connect with their audience through the right branding and design.  The accessibility of apparel is something I attempt to tap into from inception to final product.  I have printed and sold my designs on shirts as well as printed shirts for brands with existing designs.   

Art And Illustration
Another passion of mine is creating art by way of printmaking.  It is my creative outlet because the relaxing process of printing has no boundaries.  Typically, I utilize illustrations to tell a visual story.  In my own art, I always aim to create something that is aesthetically pleasing while using my platform to have a voice and to make a statement.